Slavic Linguistic Atlas (Slovak participation in the international project)

2022 – 2025

Project Coordinator: Martin Chochol

Researchers at ĽŠIL SAS: Adriana Ferenčíková, Pavol Žigo, Ľubica Dvornická, Ľubor Králik

Program and Evidence number:: VEGA 2/0123/22

Anotation: The currently submitted project is part of a long-term project of creating a national Dictionary of Slovak Dialects, which registers and processes an appellative vocabulary of local dialects. Together with other dictionaries of the standard lexicon and the historical dictionary of Slovak, it forms an important part of a complex of lexicographic works presenting the lexicon of the Slovak language. The main aim of the next four-year period will be to prepare another volume, with entries of S – Ť, and their internal editing, to complete the electronic database of dialect texts as an important source, to prepare monographs and scientific articles and to digitize the audio archive.