Social events

Gala dinner at the “Hradná” Restaurant

August 25, 2023 at 19:00

Gala dinner on Friday evening is offered at the "Hradná" restaurant near Bratislava castle with a view of the city. The menu for participants will also obtain vegetarian or vegan options, but please, let us know about your dietary restrictions or special requirements in our Registration Form so that we can have everything ready for you.

Participation in the Gala dinner does not require any additional payment.

The address is Námestie Alexandra Dubčeka 1, 811 01 Bratislava-Hrad


Hradná Restaurant
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Boat trip on the Danube River and tour of the Devín Castle

August 26, 2023 (afternoon)

Attendees who plan to stay in Bratislava a little longer may join us on a boat trip on the Danube to the Devín Castle. It was built on the top of a high crag over the small village of Devín and the confluence of the Danube and the Morava rivers, which form the border with Austria. The guided tour of the Castle will certainly pleasure every history enthusiast and satisfy any question on the Castle history that roots in the 13th century.

Attendees participating in the boat trip to the Devín Castle will be asked to pay an additional 20 € to the conference fee.


visit the Devín Castle
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