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Visualize distribution of distances between correlated words in the ARANEA Corpora or the Slovak National Corpus.

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size of the corpus AranSlov_x is 125000111 tokens
frequency of dať: 131832; ipm=1055.0
frequency of pozor: 9203; ipm=74.0
frequency of tight collocation dať pozor: 947; ipm=7.6
mean frequency of pozor in our sample (right context of dať): 262.500; ipm=2.1
frequency of pozor in collocation with dať, assuming they are independent: 9.756±0.252; ipm=0.078
mean distance |dať,pozor| in our sample (right context of dať): 1.642±0.990
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Collocation of the words dať (x=0) and pozor:

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